Israeli Mining Tycoon Dan Gertler Offers U.S. Plea Deal to End Corruption Probe

Gertler is suspected of bribing the former president of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Joseph Kabila, and some other senior Congolese officials, in exchange for rights to mine resources in the country, according to investigations conducted by authorities in the United States, the United Kingdom and Switzerland.

State Attorney reaches plea bargain with Lev Leviev

Negotiations have taken place over the years with his attorneys, Eitan Maoz and Giora Aderet.

It now appears that the State Attorney’s Office has come to the realization that there is no point in continuing to wait for Leviev to turn up without preconditions, and that it was preferable in the special circumstances of the case to sign a plea bargain that would leave Leviev’s name off the indictment.


Steinmetz held in Greece despite cancelation of arrest notice

Steinmetz's legal representative Adv. Eitan Maoz said, "I can confirm that Mr. Steinmetz was detained at Athens airport due to a serious breakdown in transferring data about the removal of Interpol's red notice. We are handling this matter and hope that Mr. Steinmetz will return home and to his business quickly."

Precedent: Israel frees businessman despite Romanian conviction

The State Attorney's office has ignored the extradition treaty and Romania's demand that businessman Gideon Zelivansky serve six years in prison for fraud and tax evasion.

Beny Steinmetz, the Israeli billionaire convicted of bribery in Romania, is stuck in Greece after being arrested by local police over two weeks ago when the private jet he was on landed at Athens airport.

State Attorney issues indictments in German submarines affair

The accusations in the indictments chiefly concern Ganor's maneuverings to become ThyssenKrupp's Israel representative, and his alleged corrupt dealings aimed at securing the submarine and patrol boat contracts for the German company.

Charges Planned Against Netanyahu Aides in Submarine Graft Scandal

Indicted and embattled, Israel’s prime minister faces new calls for yet another corruption inquiry.

Black Cube – a "Mossad-style" business intelligence co

On this point it is interesting to recount an incident in Romania in which the firm was involved a year ago – when two of its employees were arrested on suspicion of operating against Laura Kovesi, chief prosecutor of the National Anticorruption Directorate.

In the end, the two employees (represented by Adv. Eitan Maoz) reached an understanding with the Romanian authorities and returned to Israel several months ago.

Israel Rejects Romanian Request to Jail Citizen on Tax Charges

Zelivansky’s legal team asked the state attorney’s office to consider the quality of the evidence presented to the Romanian court and whether the alleged offenses would be considered a crime under Israeli law, Einav said.

Einav said the state attorney’s office decided on August 31 that it would not seek Zelivansky’s imprisonment.

Trojan Horse developers to be extradited to Israel soon

Prosecution: Hundreds to be questioned in Holyland case

spokeswoman for the State Prosecutor's Office Liat Ben-Ari said hundreds of witnesses were still to be questioned in the Holyland bribery scandal. "This is an urgent and serious affair like no other. I wouldn't be exaggerating if I said hundreds more witnesses are going to be interrogated in it," she told the Supreme Court in a hearing on the remand of the arrests of two main suspects in the case.

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